5 Weird Facts About Coffee Beans

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing quite as good as having a sip from their favorite brew. A good cup of coffee is a beautiful thing. There are a lot of things that have been written about the drink, but did you know that there are a lot of facts that make this amazing commodity fascinating, and even weird? The following are just 5 facts that you may not know about coffee beans.

Stay Alive A Lot Longer

Did you know that if you drink at least a couple of cups daily, you can live longer? Studies have shown that men and women can live upwards of 15% longer just by drinking this. Chewing the beans covered in chocolate can deliver the same potent antioxidants as well. Of course, you’ll need to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and exercise, but the nice percentage boost is worth considering overall.

Not Just Anyone Can Grow Coffee

Did you know that the world’s coffee is only grown in a very specific region of the world. It’s so strict that you cannot grow coffee in whole countries. Canada, for instance, grows no coffee, they can’t. All of the options that you’ll see in stores and traded come from the area of the world known as the “Coffee Belt”. This is where the most tropical of weather is, with high humidity and sunshine constant throughout the year.

Coffee Beans Aren’t Grown On Bush

Ok, so the beans that you know and love aren’t what grows on the bushes that are harvested. If you were to go to a farm that grows this for consumption, you’ll find that the bushes are lined with a unique red berry. That berry contains the element that will become beans and therefore a drink. The berries go from green to red, and they are quite different than what you would normally see in stores today.

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Freeze Drying Owes Coffee Big Time

Ever thought about freeze drying? Did you know that the first food ever to be used in this methodology was in fact coffee? That’s right, coffee is the first food to ever get freeze dried for later consumption. This technology is now all over the world, but without the first major use, we would not have this type of drying.

The Lightest Roasts Are Best

Are you drinking coffee for the caffeine boost? Do you think the darkness helps? Nope. Science has shown that the lightest roast on coffee are the ones that allow the most caffeine to go through. The reason is simple, the more a bean is roasted, the more caffeine gets strained out, causing it to become slightly weaker than lighter roasts. Lighter options are meant for those that are looking to get a powerful wake up. Add some espresso to existing cups of coffee if you need an even bigger boost of caffeine goodness.

As you can see, these facts are somewhat strange, weird, and interesting. Of course, there’s a deep history that goes along with coffee, but these facts are some interesting ones to note.

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